About Me & Chambre 12

My name is Jenny Moe, I live in Oslo, Norway where I’m my final semester at medical school and work with music. I don’t consciously try to avoid responsabilities related to being a grownup, but I take my time. Friends around me are getting kids, cars and apartments at an accelerating pace, while I just recently took the daring step to get my ears pierced (my niece was very persuasive). I’m in the final year of my twenties and live with my boyfriend in my grandmother’s apartment. She lives with her boyfriend in Bergen, but ever so often, we live in a generation-couple-collective.

I started med school ten years ago, and have taken years off to work with music. My debut album was released in 2014, called Mon Capitaine. Take a listen here. It took me a year of building up courage while being an erasmus student in Paris 4th year of medical school, to start recording and doing concerts. Chambre 12 was where I lived in Paris, in the Latin quarter, and I miss the roof top-view from the tiny window every day.

I love the brain, traveling, songwriting and concerts. I love the backstage, how it all works and why. I’m in the committee for World Service, UNHCR’s fifth largest humanitarian partner organization, working for refugees and in emergencies all over the world. That has allowed me to travel to Myanmar, Indonesia, Columbia, and most recently, Jordan and the refugee camp Zaatari, close to Syria. The difference between being allowed to travel and being forced to flee or forced to stay away from your home must be one of the biggest divides in the world today. It is horrendous what happens all over the world, and it must be some kind of an imperative for those in the world who are privileged to live in peaceful places, to try and understand and help creating safer, more stable and creative societies. I. I think that I need to adopt some kind of a new global personality, and a global set of priorities. I take my time with so much, but in this, there is a sense of urgency and I think that’s what the title track of my first album is about.

Pack up your bags, Mon Capitaine, We’re going traveling. There’s no knowing where, still toi, toi même tu le sais. There is no time, Mon Capitaine, for more waiting. We’re no longer the young ones, this is the long run, and what will come, will come our way.

You’ll see the skyline in the east, pass the forest, pass the seas. See the road before you like you always saw it in your mind. There the sun will bear your name. You will sweat, you will work in pain. But you will know no shame, no loneliness, just running horses.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

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