Final Year Medical School / Medécine

That’s That

Ok, so after half a year of arrogant doctors glaring at me behind my back in my study hall (“you will never make it!!”),

..following my excellent confusion free and interactive study wheel (saved me a day of reading making this..): 

..and running round the hospital hallways with fellow nerve racks:

 Exam day no.1 came and was passed, and exam day 2 came and went, when the final session was finished the professor looked at me and we exchanged the following dialogue:

Him: That’s s that!

Me: That was that?

Him: That was that.

And voilà, like that my days as a student was over. 15 minutes later they called us in one by one to give us the verdict. After my first exam I was dead sure I had failed, but I hadn’t. After this one I took a short trip to the bathroom before the verdict and took a selfie. Cause I knew. For once. 


And I was right. The paper in my hand after the 15 minutes said “passed”. And what followed was celebration, testemonium (where I got to play a beautiful grand piano, in a cover version of Coldplays O) and coma. 

That was 8 months ago. One month after that, I moved across the country to start my intern year. The piece of paper stands in my window, along side my album. The feedback words from the professors after the exam is clichély is in my heart, along with the memory of the intense period leading up to it. Hard work you know, tears and all that. But it worked, mon capitaine. Now onwards..

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