Debut Album / Mon Capitaine / Music Video / Safehouse / You Me War

My Music Videos

My latest video is to the first song on the album, You, Me War. Go where you want to go, feel what you feel.  I filmed it together with Khairat and Mohammad in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. They are Syrian refugees themselves living in the camp and working at the Peace Oasis Project there. It’s an extremely important psychosocial support program, developed by psychologist Wejdan Jarrah, teaching youth who have been through trauma, how to deal with emotions, build self esteem and solve conflicts without violence. Please support the project, more info on this link:

The summer upbeat song Don’t Follow Me Home got a nordic video from a lake in Oslo. It is filmed and edited by Gunhild Hjermundrud, and we started up at 5AM to catch the sunrise at Sognsvann, and ended the day with the sunset on the rooftop of the national broadcasting building, NRK. (The under water scenes were cold!)

Mon Capitaine, the title track of the album, has an amazing video, produced by Ali Okhovat and his company Attitude Enterprises. They offered to make the video for a sum that I could crowdfund, making it Norway’s first crowdfunded music video! I sent them the song, and explained how I had dreamed about a video with horses in the desert. The refrain begins “See the skyline in the east..” and it is still unbelievable that this video happened. Thank you so much to the Attitude-team!

The behind the scenes for the Mon Capitaine-video:

Live video of You, Me, War:

Country Of Music, Country Of Love live solo:

Don’t Follow Me Home live:

Chambre 12 live:

Mon Capitaine Live:

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