The View From Chambre 12 – YMW  

Most of us had a favorite place to go when we we’re kids. For me, it was “hemsen”, a semi-floor under the roof, where you had to climb up a ribbed wall. I would play there often on my own, drawing mostly – and playing with barbie horses. It was a place where you could be somewhat outside of time, although I of course didn’t think of it as that then. But I was in the zone. Focus only on what I was doing. So when I moved to Paris and found Chambre 12, on the sixth floor, 6e étage, where the bed was on a “hems”, no wonder I felt at home. Now I’m spending two weeks in Paris, again on the 6th floor (although no hems), and I breathe so easily again. Like then, thoughts just flow more freely. The view over the Parisian roof tops. The apartment has three small verandaes, about one m2 each, and I’ve chosen the one to the left, and I sit and stare, and dream, write lyrics and read some medicine (final medical exam coming up in 4 months, after a decade of being a medical student it is about time I finish).

 You can see many things from high up. Like the woman across the road, on the forth floor, watering her plants outside the window with the water from the tumble dryer water retainer. Eco friendly. It even drips down on the plants underneath, on both the third and second floor. Outstanding. Why aren’t all flowerpots connected vertically? 6th floor is a good place to get new ideas. 


photo: LWF/Marie Renaux


6th floor is also good for writing new songs. When I lived here, I wrote You,Me,War. Now I wrote a new song in norwegian, which is a first for me. I keep thinking about Zaatari Refugee Camp and all the wonderful people I met there, both syrians and jordanians, working in the Peace Oasis Project there, for young syrian refugees. It’s a psychosocial support program, which offers children and youth a safe space to talk about emotions and building self esteem – and also providing them with a place to be creative and play and just be in their zone. I hope you have the time to look at this site, for the You,Me,War video project from the camp – and consider if you can zone in for half an hour during your workday and think about how you can do something to stand with people living in war, wherever you are. Donation to this project is one option. The presentation site, by the lutheran world federation: 




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